🎨 Art Basel Miami 2022 + Product Updates

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For the past few days, we’ve been enjoying great events, nice weather, and amazing food down in Miami for Art Basel 2022. Last night was a blast, we attended the wavROOM experience, built by wavWRLD and presented by Jamee Cornelia, and got to see amazing performances by KarmaVioletta, Lackhoney, Fred Riko, and FUTRxLGND. It’s impossible for us to share all the amazing pictures we’ve captured, but here's arguably our favorite.

Product Updates

🧱 New Mint Block: Freshly revamped Mint Block with new aesthetic, features, and information. Let us know your thoughts, hope you like it as much as we do :)

Coming up next

Rolling up in beta, we have Airdrops, our most popular feature on Rally ported over to Ethereum and Polygon. Soon, you will be able to create claimable social token airdrops right from your dashboard. Use it to reward engagement, compensate contributors, or surprise your day-one supporters. But don’t take our word for it, we’re excited to see what creative use cases you create for your community. 

Creator Spotlight

The NFT and web3 space is not for the faint-hearted. Things here move fast, and if the fall of FTX has shown us anything, it's how chaotic of a place this can be. Whilst this decentralized world has many positive attributes — creativity, ownership, community — it is certainly a challenging, exhausting, and demanding realm.

We spoke to artist CONNiE DiGiTAL, who has been actively working in this space for almost ten years now. Throughout our meeting, Connie shared the effect that web3 has had on his mental health, and the actions he takes to stay healthy.

That's Fire

Christie’s Is Powering on With a Sale of More Than 15 NFTs.

Best way to discover new artists thead.

Phantom Solana Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum and Polygon.

Bankless acquired crypto airdrops tool EarniFi, full announcement here.

Tip of the week

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, they’re all marketing techniques to hook consumers into purchasing something they don’t really need for the fear of missing out on a time-limited offer. “Sure, my laptop works, but if I buy a new one now I’ll get $200 off. And after all, I’ll need a new laptop eventually.” Does this thinking sound familiar? None of us want to miss out on a good deal. So use the Countdown Block on Bonfire to induce some of that FOMO in your community. 

Your Turn

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