Delete Text Posts, Updates, & More

gm, and welcome to issue #116 of ✨Spark✨

We've been diligently working on several features that we believe you'll find exciting. These new additions will be available soon. We'd like to remind everyone that we're always open to feature requests and feedback. Please feel free to use our feature request form or reach out via our social media channels.

Always excited to hear from you all!

Product Updates

❌ Delete Text Posts: We are excited to introduce the highly requested feature to delete text posts from your feed or dashboard, giving you more control over your content. Discover this new option today and customize your digital space with ease.

Coming Up Next

Coming up, we have a handful of re-organization/renaming of tabs in our dashboard, to enhance clarity on how to use Bonfire and increase the prominence of your favorite features. 👀

Creator Spotlight

This week, we’re excited to feature Colombian artist and producer Yogev. He just launched his new and refreshed site via Bonfire in tandem with the release of his single Lele (feat. David Kala), which is NOW LIVE to collect on Yogev also has 5+ releases coming soon in the next few months.

You can also join his Telegram community to stay up-to-date with future announcements and releases.

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