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Notifications, rainbow fonts & contests

gm, and welcome to issue #72 of ✨Spark✨ 

This week we joined Li Jin’s Means of Creation podcast to talk about building Bonfire, creating loyalty within a community, and what digital collectibles can unlock for creators. Listen in here

Today we're covering:

  • Drop Notifications

  • Colorful Fonts

  • Rockabilly Pinup Contest

Product Updates

📬Drop Notifications v2: You can send notifications to your subscribers via email anytime you drop something on Bonfire. This applies to native drops, imported drops, contests, airdrops, and now it's true for pages and content as well! Check this guide.

🌈Custom Font Colors: You can now customize the font colors in the heading block and text block. GO CRAZY. 

Coming Soon

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates to our Lens integration. Some great stuff coming your way soon 🤫

Creator Spotlight

@jloveDOTeth used our contest block to build out a page and launch a Rockabilly Pinup Contest. The contest is open to all and the deadline for submitting your own version of a rockabilly pinup is for a few more hours. The winner will receive .0111 eth so make sure to drop a submission before the deadline.

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Tip of the Week

Drop notifications for pages don’t just work for new pages. You can select a previously created page, make updates, save the changes and use the feature to notify your subscribers about the updated release. It truly only takes a click of a button to let your fans know what you’ve been working on.

Your Turn

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Bonfire Team