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Drop Notifications, Open Editions & more NFT use cases

gm, and welcome to issue #66 of ✨Spark✨

You know us. We've kept busy designing, building, debugging, and shipping so here's a recap of the product updates we've rolled out this month. We'd love to get your feedback on these so try them out and let us know what you think.

Today we're covering:

  • Open Editions

  • Drop Notifications

  • Writing NFTs x Livestreams

  • Subscriber Growth Tips

Product Updates

🌎 Open Editions: We're beyond excited to share a great update to our Native NFT Drops feature on Bonfire - say hello to Open Editions! With Open Editions, you can now mint as many editions as you desire and choose the duration of minting availability, all from your Bonfire dashboard. This new drop format empowers artists like never before, providing you with the flexibility to expand your collector base and share your creations far and wide. Happy minting!

📬 Drop Notifications: Introducing Drop Notifications – a simple yet effective way to connect creators and fans! Fans can now subscribe to creators' drops, and creators can easily promote their work while having access to valuable insights. Give it a try and experience a more connected community. Enjoy!

Coming Up Next

Rolling up in beta we have Threads, a new feature enabling page-specific chat channels to further engage with your community. It’s coming sooner than you think, so keep an eye on your dashboard! 👀

Creator Spotlight

@gregyounger, aka The Write3 Guy, is a leader in web3 writing & literary NFTs. He’s recently launched a very innovative project on his Bonfire site. Greg is creating a series of writing NFTs that unlock access to his livestreamed masterclasses. The latest one was a “7 Twitter Algorithm Hacks to Build Your Web3 Following and Sell More of Your Work" essay on Mirror that minted out and yesterday he hosted his first live masterclass about the topic for all collectors using Bonfire’s streaming feature. We love how Greg isn’t just pioneering writing NFTs, he’s also pioneering token gates for online learning.

That's Fire

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Ticketmaster rolled out token-gated NFT integration [Read]

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Tip of the Week

Now that we support Drop Notifications, it’s become more crucial than ever to start building your subscriber base on Bonfire. Use the Subscribe block on your most viewed pages, craft a catchy CTA to get fans to input their emails, and grow your community. An additional step we’ve added to the drop creation process is to set pre-requisites, so you can now request fans to subscribe to you before they can claim or mint a drop. A large subscriber base means they'll get notified via email the next time you have a drop. All you'll need to do is write them a personalized message, we'll take care of the rest.

Your Turn

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