🎠 More Blocks, More Drops

gm, and welcome to issue #57 of ✨Spark✨

Starting next Thursday, at 2pm ET, any creator will be able to book a 15min time slot to consult with our artist relations lead, and a web3 musician himself, Charlie Crown. By now many of you already know Charlie. He’s a jack of all trades so if you’re stuck on something, book your slot.

Product Updates

📄 Pages Block Layouts: Introducing 2 new display options for your content: carousel and list views. Now you can showcase your audio, video, and pages in a more dynamic way beyond the traditional grid view. We’re excited to see how you'll use this new feature! 👀

↻ Auto-sync: Another feature joins the party. We just rolled out auto-sync for your content blocks including pages, video, and audio. You just need to upload your content and let your synced block do the rest 🚀

Coming Up Next

Rolling up in beta we have NFT Drops. Can’t and won’t say much, but a new feature to create NFT edition drops directly from the Bonfire dashboard is coming soon to your dashboard 🤫

Creator Spotlight

On Monday, Daktyl and Kevin George will be dropping Instinct, a 4 track project priced at .01 ETH. The music is an exploration on making creative decisions without questioning them and working entirely based on INSTINCT. “The resulting music isn’t perfect but it’s some of our most raw/honest work,” writes Kevin. It'll only be available for 24hrs, so mark your calendars.

That's Fire

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Tip of the week

Next time you mint from a creator that has a site on Bonfire, remember to click the “share on Twitter” button. It’s the best way to incentivize your twitter followers and collectors to do the same when it’s time for your next drop. In other words, set an example!

Your Turn

Do you have any web3 goals we can help make happen? No matter how big or small, shoot me an email or DM us on twitter about it. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

If you’re just joining, you can find our past issues here.

Until next time,

Bonfire Team