🌿 Lets be frens on lens

Follow on Lens, nav bar layouts, and Podcast NFTs

gm, and welcome to issue #59 of ✨Spark✨ It took us a while to get through your feedback and ideas (thank you for all of the awesome suggestions!) but our roadmap is finally up to date. Take a look and as always, vote on your faves or submit any other features you'd like to see.

Today we're talking:

  • Follow on Lens

  • Navigation Bar Layouts

  • Podcast NFTs

  • Socials Block

Product Updates

🌿Follow On Lens: It’s so much better when we build together. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our new Follow On Lens Button. With its simple design, all you have to do is type in your lens handle and voila! It's that easy. We can't wait for you to give it a try and experience the seamless functionality for yourself. So give it a go and bring your frens to lens! While you’re at it, you can follow us @bonfire.lens

🧭New Navigation Layouts: You demanded more customization and we obeyed. This week we've introduced three new navigation bar layouts for you to choose from on your Bonfire dashboard. Try them out, we hope these updates help you design your site just the way you imagined it. Here's a guide to help you.

Coming Up Next

Already in beta and making its way to public launch, we have NFT Drops. Soon you will be able to create new NFT edition drops directly from your Bonfire dashboard, all powered by the Sound Protocol. Keep an eye out! Can’t wait to see what you build.

Creator Spotlight

Since we’re gaga over Podcasts NFTs, it’s only fitting that we’d spotlight Adam Levy from Mint Podcast. Adam just dropped a podcast NFT about the future of content NFTs (it's meta 🔥). The episode features BlockchainBrett, known for being an avid collector, thought leader, and “the godfather of Content NFTs.” It’s an open edition, available for only a couple more hours.

That's Fire

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Tip of the Week

Not only can you now use the Follow on Lens button to help build your following on lenster, but you can also use the Socials block to add all of your social handles, including lens to any page. Once you’ve added your handles, they’ll get pre-saved so you can keep using the block without having to do any duplicate work.

Your Turn

Do you have any web3 goals we can help make happen? No matter how big or small, shoot me an email or DM us on twitter about it. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

If you’re just joining, you can find our past issues here.

Until next time,

Bonfire Team