🌿 Lens Post Embeds

Lens, Bonfire Pro Pass & cool eco-drops

gm, and welcome to issue #68 of ✨Spark✨ 

We deleted our Discord server - oopsie! Jk, it's time for spring cleaning and we felt like it wasn't the right tool for us all. As you know, you can always reach out to us via Twitter DMs, or in-product. But now you can also say hello on Bonfire's Bonfire using our native Threads feature. We decided to do this because most creators weren't using Discord to get in touch with us anyway and we know many of you already feel overwhelmed by the amount of Discord notifications you receive. This means you should feel empowered to drop questions or comments in Threads and you can also respond to each other there too. Let us know if you think we made a big mistake! 💀

Today we're covering:

  • Lens Post Embeds

  • Pro Pass Launch

  • Plastic-free vinyls

Product Updates

🌿 Lens Post Embeds: Social is so much better when we are together. Today we are super excited to introduce Lens post embeds. In our process of further integrating with Lens, you can now embed any Lens post on any of your pages. And yes, the embed supports collecting directly from the embed. Go ahead, embed some posts, and let your fans collect directly from your Bonfire site. Let us know what you think, we are always happy to hear your feedback.

🥇 Bonfire Pro Pass NFT: Last week we launched Bonfire Pro, our premium subscription designed to supercharge your creator journey. As a commemoration, we are happy to announce that all paying Pro members are now able to claim the Bonfire Pro Pass, a free membership NFT. This NFT is not meant to have any speculative value. It is a celebration of Bonfire Pro, and additionally, will give members access to our gated Pro page on http://bonfire.page/pro letting holders connect with each other and enjoy surprise perks on Bonfire and from our partners.

Creator Spotlight

Blond:ish an established Canadian producer with a large following isn’t just breaking artistic ground in web2 and web3 — she’s also an activist and founder of Bye Bye Plastic, a foundation focused on eliminating single-use plastics in the music industry. Last week she dropped "Life is...", a Music NFT and also the world’s first biodegradable vinyl made out of bacteria. To learn more about this project listen in on this spaces.

Check her drop on Bonfire

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Tip of the Week

Last week we announced Site Themes, presets, and custom fonts, buttons, and backgrounds to help creators customize their sites. But did you know that as a Pro member, you can even hide the “Powered By Bonfire” button from your site? Visit Appearance, scroll down, and toggle on the Remove “Powered by Bonfire” branding. 

Your Turn

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