Mija’s ‘Acoustic Album lol Part #2’ + Product Updates 🚀

gm, and welcome to issue #52 of ✨Spark✨

We’ve been busy this week. Every week feels busy, but this week has been busy busy. We’ve got lots of news to share in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open! 👀

Product Updates

🎟 Contests: Introducing the Contest Block. A new way to engage and interact with your community. Reward engagement, and participation, create bounties and giveaways, etc. Imagination is the limit.

🌎 Global Styles: Welcome more customization, enabling creators to create and manage their brand across their Bonfire site easily.

📄 Pages Tab: We love customization, creative freedom, and organization. We moved the Pages Tab from the studio to the dashboard menu, while also redesigning that tab to assist in page organization and template discovery.

Coming Up Next

Rolling up in beta, we have our own NFT drops feature. Create NFT edition drops directly from your Bonfire dashboard, powered by the Sound Protocol.

Creator Spotlight

Dance music sensation Mija is an American DJ & music producer who has reached 1M listeners on Spotify this year. She’s been making bold moves in web3 through Music NFTs and tokenized merch. Recently she released Part 2 of her Acoustic Album (powered by Bonfire) where songs not only were revealed once the album sold out but also granted you access to download the stems.

Check her acoustic albums and even download stems here.

That's Fire

Pros and cons of quantity over quality in music NFTs.

You can now buy $AUDIO by debit & credit card directly within Audius.

Thoughts on music marketing and curation lists.

On Twitch, You Can Never Log Off.

Tip Of The Week

Turn zoom meetings into gated content. That’s right, no need to create original material if you wanna show your collectors some behind-the-scenes footage. Record meetings that are important, whether it’s with your producer, community manager, or an artist you are collaborating with. Cut out snippets of the best moments and upload those to your content library and a video block to your page. Share a peek of what happens behind the stage, as raw as can be. 

Your Turn

Do you have any web3 goals we can help make happen? No matter how big or small, shoot me an email or DM us on twitter about it. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

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Until next time,

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