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Native NFTs drops, directly from your dashboard

gm, and welcome to issue #60 of ✨Spark✨ Our team is growing! We’re hiring for a Lead Product Designer and a few Engineering roles, do you have someone in mind?

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Today we're talking about:

  • Native NFT Drops

  • New Mint Block Layout

  • @EmanuelAlqm's Book NFT Drop

  • Embedding chat with @0x_echo

Product Updates

💧 NFT Drops: We are thrilled to Introduce Native NFT Drops on Bonfire. You can now create new NFT edition drops natively from within your Bonfire dashboard, in just a few clicks. NFT Drops is designed to be simple and intuitive, making it quick and easy for anyone to launch their next collection. You can choose between image and audio (with video support coming soon!), add presales and allowlists, and easily access collector and collection data.

Here's a guide on how it works!

🎨New Mint Block Layout: We know how important this block is for launching your projects, and it just got better. When using the block, you can choose between 3 different layouts, including the new vertical one. Please test it out, we’re looking forward to seeing how you use it 👀

Coming Up Next

Rolling up in beta we have Drop Subscriptions. This will allow your fans to subscribe with their email + wallet to receive notifications every time a new drop is created on Bonfire. 👀

Creator Spotlight

Emanuel Souza.eth/.tez, a writer, poet, philosopher, and alchemist has dropped his first NFT book, Junho. The work is a mix between psychedelic fiction and political journalism set in Rio de Janeiro in 2013, when popular uprisings took over Brazil. Inspired by Beatnik literature, the book unfolds through a stream of consciousness and transits between reality and states of expansion.

Minting is available until March 1st, and with each mint, you’ll get airdropped an exclusive illustration. Emanuel is also offering a free mint open to everyone. The free mint gives you a chance to win an edition of Junho in a raffle happening at the end of the mint period.

That's Fire

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Tip of the Week

We’ve heard your requests and we agree; Bonfire needs chat functionality. It’s on our roadmap, but that’s all we’ll say for now 🤐 In the meantime we’ve found an easy way to embed a chat to your Bonfire site using 0xEcho. Follow this guide to communicate with your fans in a decentralized and permissionless chat environment.

Your Turn

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Bonfire Team