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Nav Bar & Crypto Novels

gm, and welcome to issue #71 of ✨Spark✨

If you missed last week’s Space with @itsyogev you still check out the recording here. We covered his latest project, Afrodita — what inspired it, using Decent and Showtime for drops, building in a bear market, and more. Listen in! 

Today we're covering:

  • Nav Bar Reorder

  • Gates & Rewards

  • The Quest of Evolution's crypto-novel

Product Updates

🛳 Nav Bar Reordering: Another one of our most-requested features is here! Introducing: Nav Bar Reordering. Now, you can easily arrange your navigation bar items/pages just the way you like! Enjoy more customization and make your Bonfire site truly yours! 🚀

Coming Soon

Rolling up in beta, we have an update involving gates and rewards. Can you guess what it is? We can’t share much at the moment, but this update will enable creators to bake in utility to their NFT drop even before it starts. That’s all folks! 🤫

Creator Spotlight

Shoutout to epicdylan.eth for his latest project as part of a decentralized artist collective known as The Quest of Evolution. Now available on Open Sea is the world’s first crypto-novel. The Oracle’s Verse is a series of 6 unique 1/1 multimedia NFTs that allow owners to write their stories on-chain. The narrative continues indefinitely, with each new owner entitled to continuing the storyline as pleased, while earning passive income.

That's Fire

Podcast with Sam Sends, cofounder of Glass Protocol [Listen]

The Crown Chronicles 001 [Read]

LNRZ DAO is Changing the Game for Musicians [Watch]

Tip of the Week

Beyond reorder your nav bar, did you know you can link to an external site in your navigation bar? Whether you wanna link back to your e-commerce store, a metaverse concert, or anywhere else, you can do it directly from the navigation up top on your Bonfire site and optionally have it open in a new tab. Check this guide for more information.

Your Turn

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