New Features Launch + TK’s New Project

gm, and welcome to issue #119 of ✨Spark✨

We're excited to introduce a new feature to enhance your creative expression on Bonfire pages: the PDF Viewer block. Alongside this launch, we spotlight TK and the unveiling of ETERNAL GARDEN // ZERO, a pioneering project at the intersection of music, literature, and streetwear.

We look forward to seeing how these updates empower you to create amazing and unique experiences for your fans.

Product Updates

📄 PDF Viewer: We are excited to launch the PDF Viewer block, allowing creators to seamlessly host PDFs directly on Bonfire pages with a sleek, customizable viewer for enhanced page personalization.

Creator Spotlight

This week's Artist Spotlight features TK, the visionary mind behind the newly launched ETERNAL GARDEN // ZERO. Following the success of GARDEN X, this project combines music, literature, and streetwear to create a one-of-a-kind hybrid experience called THE CAPSULE.

Dive into the Eternal Garden universe with THE CODEX, a visually spectacular guide enriched by augmented reality that includes animated pages, narrations, and original music. In addition, THE SOUNDTRACK includes six global musicians as main characters. Finally, GDNR 1 takes a pioneering step in fashion storytelling by combining AI-generated designs with physical streetwear.

Pre-order now via Bonfire and explore further at

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