🎉 New Zora Passes & Exclusive Nouns Doc: Don't Miss Out!

gm, and welcome to issue #125 of ✨Spark✨

This week, we're excited to announce some amazing product updates and highlight a unique collaboration with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios for their debut documentary.

Do you like Nouns? Have you been waiting for bigger and better integrations? Keep on reading, we have some amazing news!

Product Updates

⚪️ Zora Pass Creation:

We are thrilled to announce that Bonfire Passes are coming to Zora Protocol! Creators on Bonfire can earn protocol rewards, price in USDC, and leverage Zora’s vast distribution network to reach more users.

Key Features:

  • Protocol Rewards: Earn Zora’s protocol rewards, which have paid out over 2,000 ETH to creators.

  • Earn in USDC: Price your passes in USDC, with support for additional ERC-20 tokens coming soon.

  • Distribution: Passes will appear on Zora.co and other platforms indexing Zora collections, including Farcaster and Mint.Fun.

To celebrate, here's a free commemorative 'Bonfire Zorb', using our new full integration with @ourZORA

Mint Here!

💲 Price and earn in USDC: Creators can now price their drops and earn in USDC, providing greater stability and accessibility. This feature offers more control over earnings and will soon expand to support additional tokens. Partnered with Crossmint and Decent, this update enhances payment flexibility for both creators and fans.

🟪 Introducing our new Farcaster Frame: We are launching our first Farcaster Frame, a frame to mint Bonfire passes directly on Farcaster. Farcaster is rapidly disrupting the web3 social landscape, and following on the footsteps of our Sign in with Farcaster support, we’re excited to deepen our integration with Farcaster with our first native Farcaster frame.

Creator Spotlight

We’re excited to highlight "Shark, Pickle, Cone," a documentary by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios in partnership with the Nouns DAO, following their thrilling journey as they tackle the monumental task of crafting a captivating float, for the 134th Rose Parade.

This documentary, minted on the blockchain, explores creativity and community collaboration.

Minting the Shark, Pickle, Cone pass on Bonfire includes:

  • Early access to watch the full film

  • Exclusive Q+As and AMAs

  • Extended interviews and podcasts

  • Free mint of the float concept art

  • Early access to merch and updates on new drops

  • BTS footage and outtakes

Join the gang and watch the full film at sharkpicklecone.wtf

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