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Optimism, Custom Fonts & Free Web3 Music Cohort

gm, and welcome to issue #62 of ✨Spark✨In case you haven’t applied yet, it’s the last week to sign up for the Web3 Music Cohort happening March 12th - 17th. The cohort is completely free, with talks led by several industry leaders. Even if you can’t attend the full programming, once you’ve minted the NFT you’ll get access to exclusive gated content (all happening on Bonfire ofc)! Apply here and share with musician frens!

Today we're talking about:

  • Optimism Integration

  • Custom Fonts

  • Dreams Never Die Founder Pass

Product Updates

🔴 Optimism on Bonfire: By supporting Optimism, we're helping creators grow their communities faster and with lower costs. We know that cross-chain composability and communication are crucial for scalability on Ethereum, and we're thrilled to bring these benefits to our users through the integration of Optimism. What does it mean? It means that creators can now easily token gate their pages and content using tokens and NFTs deployed on Optimism as well as import their contracts and get access to our collector analytics and CRM, which will provide valuable insights into their community.

Read the full announcement here.

🔤 Custom Fonts: At Bonfire, we're obsessed with customization - it's no secret. That being said, we are thrilled to announce our latest feature: Custom Fonts. With just a few clicks, you now have the freedom to design truly unique and personalized pages that are aligned with your brand and aesthetic. Go ahead, give custom fonts a try and let us know what you think.

Coming Up Next

Rolling up in beta we have Drop Subscriptions. Yes, you read that right. Very soon, fans will be able to subscribe to receive email notifications every time you create a new drop or want to share news of upcoming releases. And yes, all without leaving your Bonfire Dashboard.

Creator Spotlight

Artist community and record label Dreams Never Die just launched their new website powered partially by Bonfire. They didn’t just launch the site but announced their founder pass NFT will be available for mint on March 15 and will be released in a couple of phases. Allowlist mint will take place on the 15th at 10 am PST followed by a public sale on the same day at 2 pm PST. The founder pass, powered by Bonfire using the Sound Protocol, grants the holder access to their community of creatives, industry personnel, and music fans.

Here’s an explanation from Dreams Never Die:

“How? Together. That’s why we made our Founder Pass, the point of entry to Dreams Never Die.

The pass grants access to our community of creatives, industry personnel, and music fans, tied together by our shared mission and, frankly, our disappointment with the status quo. We discover, document, and develop brand-new artists, host events, share music, experiment with new tech, chat regularly, collaborate with other communities, and look to the next decade, when we might need great artists more than ever.”

Read more about the project here.

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Tip of the Week

Have you noticed that when gating a page, you can create a Gate Message? This gives you the opportunity to incite curiosity in your community members. Not everyone will know what’s happening behind the gate. Actually, most people won’t have a clue so this is an easy way to give them a teaser on what they’re missing out.

Your Turn

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