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gm, and welcome to issue #112 of ✨Spark✨ We’re soon gonna launch tickets to livestreamed events as a new Pass type and we’d love for you to be part of our launch plan. Send us a DM to get involved. We know some of you don’t have access to our Livestream feature, so we’re happy to offer Pro trials to anyone who wants to beta test the Livestream Tickets Pass.

Product Updates

P00LS Integration: We've partnered with P00LS to make it easier than ever for creators to map their communities, identify their most loyal fans, and reward them with unique experiences and content on Bonfire. Check out what we've cooked up:

  1. Create P00LS membership tiers on Bonfire using Passes

  2. View P00LS balance directly on your dashboard

  3. Easy 1-click Bonfire page creation flow

  4. All Bonfire creators can skip the P00LS waitlist

And way more coming soon! Read here to find out what’s next.

Bonfire Academy: We've reinvented our own Bonfire site and made it into an educational hub with video tutorials, product updates, exclusive content featuring web3 experts, and a lively feed where you can drop comments and reactions. Visit Visihttp://academy.bonfire.xyz to see it and let us know what tutorials you’d like to see up there.

Coming Soon

Wanna sell tickets to your livestreams? Alright… 🛳️ 

Creator Spotlight

Domino is a multidisciplinary music artist and poet. "Presessence Vol 1" marks the inaugural chapter of a trilogy that encapsulates his life's reflections, creatively presented through a series of digital collectibles including short films and art pieces. This project symbolizes the beginning of a journey, with Domino contemplating his path while en route to the "Presessence Award", setting a thematic foundation for the subsequent volume, "Presessence Vol 2," which promises to extend the narrative into new realms post the award's acquisition.

Emerging from a background rich in the arts, Domino's early fascination with close-up card magic and spoken word poetry laid the groundwork for his multifaceted career. These formative experiences, coupled with his innovative use of film, art, and more to narrate his stories, have positioned him as a trailblazer in the independent art scene. Having performed across the United States and produced multiple albums and art collections, Domino's journey is a testament to his relentless pursuit of artistic exploration and expression, culminating in his recognition as one of the higher grossing independent artists in the digital collectibles space

For more info check out www.bonfire.xyz/domino_music

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Tip of The Week

We’ve got incredible news. All creators on Bonfire can now skip the waitlist and create their own token on P00LS. P00LS tokens are ERC20s that can help you identify and reward your most engaged fans. It’s doesnt have to be an either/or situation. You can use both NFTs and social tokens to run your community. To create your token just go to creators.p00ls.io/onboarding.

Your Turn

Are you working on a pass, releasing new content, or have an upcoming event? No matter how big or small, let us know for a chance to be featured on X or Instagram. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

If you’re just joining, you can find our past issues here.

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