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Threads, Bonfire Pro & more cool drops

gm, and welcome to issue #67 of ✨Spark✨

What a week! We’ve launched some big features and next week there’s even more to come 🥵 If you have any questions about how to use these latest releases, don’t hesitate to book a consultation during our streamed office hours.

Today we're covering:

  • Threads Launch

  • Bonfire Pro Launch

  • Yogev's Upcoming Drop

Product Updates

🧵Threads: Say hello to our native chat feature that takes community engagement to the next level. Threads allow creators to set up gated or public chats across all Bonfire features, including pages, content, and drops. This means you can host engaging conversations around your NFT drops, music-listening parties, and more! Check this guide to set up Threads.

❤️‍🔥Bonfire Pro: We launched our premium subscription designed to supercharge your creator journey. With Bonfire Pro, you will unlock advanced customization, powerful analytics, and everything else you need to engage and grow your community. Visit www.bonfire.xyz/pro to learn more about Pro.

Coming Up Next

A site only feels truly yours when it correctly represents your brand and style. More updates on site customization coming soon! 👀

Creator Spotlight

We’re partnering with Yogev, a producer & DJ focused on Latin music for his upcoming drop, AFRODITA. The drop will happen on April 27th, with multiple activations available on yogev.wtf. For now, you can pre-save 'Afrodita' on Spotify and claim a free collectible on Showtime. The NFT will grant you access to listen to the song before anyone else and you’ll be able to mint the collection at a discounted price. Yogev’s planned many other activations so check here for more info.

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Tip of the Week

Enabling threads means you’re now also letting community members and others run the show. They’ll have the freedom to drop comments and responses while you’re out and about. But if you wanna gate threads on a public page or pause the conversation and take a breather, you can! Here’s a guide.

Your Turn

Need feedback on your Bonfire site? Book a 1:1 consultation with us during our recorded & streamed Firesides. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

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