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Updates to unlocking experiences on Bonfire

Buenos dias, and welcome to issue #109 of ✨Spark✨ Next week we’re having a team offsite in Barcelona — who’s gonna be in the area? Reply to this email! We’d love to have you come hang with the team IRL.

Product Updates

New access flow for unlocking content: We’ve made some updates to the flow for unlocking content and experiences on Bonfire. Now a fan will be displayed all of the ways to unlock a piece of content, including all of the Recommended passes associated with said content.

New drop: We got such great feedback on the video for Bonfire 2.0 that we decided to make it into a celebratory drop. Collect yours here.

Coming Up Next

We’re working hard on one more integration. This time with a social token protocol, can you guess which one?

Creator Spotlight

Musician and performer Marco $olo has just launched something you’ve never seen before. The first of its kind digital tour. The WYA Tour is a 5-day span of non-stop traveling and performing at the biggest attractions in the world. The Golden Gate Bridge, Sequoia National Park, the Hollywood Sign, Joshua Tree.

Get your pass to access one or a bundle of high-quality, 10-minute video performances in front of some of the dopest locations in the USA; plus behind-the-scenes footage from each spot.

Go to wyatour.xyz for more.

That’s Fire

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Tip of The Week

We moved the Appearance tab where you were able to design and customize your site into a new place. Now, in Site, visit the Design tab for all your customization needs. Or just click here. As a refresher, that’s where you can pick preset themes, custom fonts, button designs, background colors, and more. And if you’re using Bonfire Pro, that's where you’d click to hide the “powered by Bonfire” button.

Your Turn

Are you working on a pass, releasing new content, or have an upcoming event? No matter how big or small, let us know for a chance to be featured on X or Instagram. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

If you’re just joining, you can find our past issues here.

Until next time,

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