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Section block & drop notifications

gm, and welcome to issue #70 of ✨Spark✨

Many of you already know our Head of Artist Relations, Charlie Crown. But did you know Charlie is a web2 success story with over 3m streams on Spotify alone? A few weeks ago we interviewed him about his experience building a thriving web3 community from scratch. Check out the full article here.

Today we're covering:

  • Section Block Launch

  • Drop Notifications For Imported Drops

  • Yogev's new drop

Product Updates

🧱 Section Block: We've taken inspiration from our Columns block to create a more flexible container for your content. Say hello to streamlined block nesting and section styling. By default, the Section block is empty, but you can easily add other blocks inside. Customize your page layouts, create multi-column designs, and add background colors, images, and more – all within a specific section of your page. Check this guide to see how it works.

📬 Drop Notifications For Imported Drops: A few weeks ago, we introduced drop notifications for drops created exclusively via Bonfire. Today, we’re super excited to extend the same feature to imported drops deployed on Sound or Decent. Take advantage of this feature and let your subscribers know when the drop goes live with a Drop Day Message. P.S. You can require collectors to subscribe to mint 😉

Coming Soon

Rolling up in beta we have another highly requested feature. All we can say for now is that soon, you’ll be able to organize your navigation bar just the way you want it. We’ll keep you posted ❤️

Creator Spotlight

Yogev , who set out to create a 5-week multi-activation project with multiple partnerships including Bonfire, Decent, and Showtime, just released the last phase of his project and introduced the ‘Afrodita’ collectibles now available here.

To celebrate the culmination of this massive project, we are hosting a space with all partners at 5pm EST. Set a reminder and tune in here.

That's Fire

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Tip of the Week

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we love gradients. It’s a web3 thing 😆 So if you haven’t noticed this detail yet, we always supply you with options for gradients. Whether it’s in the section block, columns block, or anywhere else in the Appearances tab, toggle between the Solid and Gradient tabs to style your site.

Your Turn

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