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Share and earn, Subscriptions & Kevin George

gm, and welcome to issue #69 of ✨Spark✨ 

This week we hosted a Space where we walked through all the new features and partnerships we’re kicking off this season. If you’re a sucker for alpha, listen to the recording. There's some good stuff there — we're not just improving your dashboard experience, we're also thinking through how to improve the experience for your community members. As always, if you have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to get in touch over chat. 

Today we're covering:

  • Share & Earn for Sound.xyz drops

  • Subscription Settings

  • Kevin George's new site and drop

Product Updates

💲 Share & Earn: We are excited to introduce our first referral feature to boost earnings. Meet Share & Earn. Fans can now share a custom Bonfire link and earn a 5.27% fee on each primary sale generated from your Sound.xyz drops. That means you can be earning by sharing your favorite drops too!

🛠 Subscription Settings: Say hello to our new Subscription Settings update! Now easily opt-in/out of notifications and access your subscriptions homepage right from your Bonfire profile!

Coming Soon

 Rolling up in beta we have our brand new Section block. We've taken inspiration from our Columns block to create a more flexible container for your content. Stay tuned 👀

Creator Spotlight

This week we officially partnered with Kevin George to power the next phase of his web3 journey. As a Bonfire Pro user, Kevin has embraced our premium site themes, fonts, vast customization options, and even the ability to remove the Bonfire branding to brand his site and make it truly his own.

The 2-pack drop is now live at kevingeorge.xyz for a limited time only. Check it out and let us know what you think of the music and his brand new site powered exclusively by the Kevin George x Bonfire partnership.

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Tip of the Week

Did you know you can download a CSV file of your subscribers on Bonfire? Import that list into whatever email marketing tool you use to merge your subscribers and build out a powerful mailing list. 

Your Turn

What's on your mind? Let's jam out. Book a 1:1 consultation with us during Firesides Office Hours. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

If you’re just joining, you can find our past issues here.

Until next time,

Bonfire Team