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Besides Twitter, we're now introducing, share on Lens. Give it a try and let your audience and favorite creator know when you collect.

gm, and welcome to issue #58 of ✨Spark✨ 

Do you need a sounding board to talk through your next web3 project? Book a free 15min consultation with Charlie Crown on our next Firesides Office Hours. Consultations will be recorded and streamed so we can all learn from each other. This week we covered crowdfunding, token-gated merch, and getting started on Bonfire, so don’t miss your chance to talk through anything that's on your mind. 

Product Updates

🌿Share on Lens: We love social just as much as you do, so we thought sharing to one social media platform was not enough. Besides Twitter, we're now introducing, share on Lens. Give it a try and let your audience and favorite creator know when you collect.

🔔 New Subscribe Block: We know how important it is to receive notifications from your favorite artist, everything from a new drop happening to new music and shows. That’s why we redesigned our subscribe block from an email collection block to a subscribe button. The main changes you will notice are an improved user experience and a new requirement for fans to verify their email when subscribing. More coming in the notifications realm 👀

Coming Up Next

Rolling up in beta we have a series of features involving Lens 🌿. Everything from social sharing, embeds, and more. Stay tuned as we make these new features available on your dashboard.

Creator Spotlight

In web3 it’s no secret that creators are collectors. But we’re now seeing collectors become creators too. @brokeinvstr.eth known for being an investor, advocate, and thought leader in the web3 music space has launched his own NFT and we love it. It’s a witty tweet gone viral and marks the start of web3 music journey. He will reinvest the funds collected back into the community, with the aim of fostering even more artist-collector connections.

Mint here if you wanna join the party.

That's Fire

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Tip of the Week

The best way to get collectors to use the share on Lens release is by actually using it yourself. Set the example and share the news with your web3 community and your favorite artists next time you mint. They’ll likely do the same for your upcoming drops!

Your Turn

Do you have any web3 goals we can help make happen? No matter how big or small, shoot me an email or DM us on twitter about it. And check our Roadmap to submit and vote on your favorite features.

If you’re just joining, you can find our past issues here.

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