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gm, and welcome to issue #123 of ✨Spark✨

This week, we’re excited to share a couple of key product updates that we think you’re going to love, one of them was a highly requested one. Additionally, we spotlight an innovative project by Super Sigil that is setting new standards in the music industry.

Product Updates

🟪 Sign-in with Farcaster: We’re making it even easier to connect with Bonfire by introducing 'Sign in with Farcaster' as an option for both new sign-ups and existing users. This integration allows for a smoother and more integrated user experience, letting you access Bonfire with the same ease you manage your social profiles.

🔗 Memberships now have permalinks: Enhancing how you share your content, memberships on Bonfire now come with permalinks. This means you can directly share your membership links with fans, simplifying the process for them to join and engage with your exclusive content.

Creator Spotlight

This week’s spotlight shines brightly on Super Sigil, a.k.a. Alex Roth, who’s thrilled to announce his debut LP, Spectres. Born from a seven-year journey of musical exploration, Spectres represents Super Sigil’s first fully solo album. It’s rolling out first across the web3 ecosystem, allowing collectors of individual tracks early access before its official summer release. This innovative approach redefines the album launch, engaging fans directly and intimately.

Learn more about this exciting project and how to participate here:

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