TK's Eternal Garden Launch + Upcoming News

gm, and welcome to issue #121 of ✨Spark✨

This weekend marks an exhilarating milestone for TK's "Eternal Garden // ZERO [CODEX] (Redacted)," which has officially gone live with a phenomenal reception—over 11k mints and 11k+ unique collectors!

Behind the scenes, we’re also fine-tuning some updates that we believe will bring a smile to your face. Our commitment remains strong in providing tools that enhance and deepen the relationships creators have with their fans. Keep an eye out; exciting developments are on the way.

Creator Spotlight

This week's spotlight shines on the continuation of the "Eternal Garden // ZERO" saga with a new twist aimed at inclusivity. TK just launched THE CODEX [Redacted], a digital version accessible via Base and powered by Bonfire.

Priced at .000777, it offers a more approachable entry into the "Eternal Garden" universe. This innovative sci-fi fantasy world is brought to life through a visually stunning AI-powered guide, the CODEX. Each page, enriched by augmented reality, unfolds with animations, narrations, and original music, inviting fans deeper into the narrative. Dive into this digital experience and unlock the mysteries of Eternal Garden.

Join the Base Quests on Layer3 and Galxe.

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